Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lorimer Road Rally

My family is big into the RC monster trucks. So this last Saturday, since everyone was in town, we had a big rally. It was pretty fun to watch. I am the only one without a truck but I know Shane would make me fix it myself if I got one. Hence, I don't have one. I don't want that kind of responsibility. But I got a few good pictures. They did an obstacle course, a drag race, a technical course and the jump. Only two trucks lasted until the jump. But after a couple jumps, they were done in too. It seems like they are driven until they break. But everyone had a good time.
Mom, Dad, Shane, Michelle, & Mike posing with their trucks.
The drag race.
The jump! (Shane built this for Dad for Father's Day.)
Even the kids contributed in their own little way.

Natalie staying cool in the shade.
Seryn inspecting the trucks.
Lylli, Carson, & Layla in the swimming pool.
Everyone had a good time being together.

Mom, Natalie, & Michelle watching the kids.
Dean giving Dad a hard time and Dad taking the bait.
Lylli helping Natalie down the slide.
Layla, Carson, & Lylli on the tramp.
Layla with the water cannon.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Newest Author of Cedar Fort

You are reading the blog of newest author of Cedar Fort, Inc.!!!!! Cedar Fort, Inc. (an LDS publishing house) wants to publish my book, A Wave of Hope. So assuming the contract works out, in less than a year, I will be a published author!!! I am so excited! I have worked at writing for so long. I started writing when Lylli was 8 months and have been trying ever since. My first book was terrible, but it taught me a lot! And now, the third book I've written (and worked on for 4 years) is going to be published! HALLELUJAH!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dean's Home!

Dean's Home!!!!

We are so excited that my brother is now home from the Las Vegas West Mission. He got home this morning and his plane was 20 minutes early so he beat everyone to the airport. Lylli has been counting down this day for months and was very eager for this morning to arrive! Layla was excited too, until Sunday night. Then she started getting nervous. Last night, she was in tears for about 30 minutes. She was scared and didn't want to see Uncle Dean. (I think she didn't know who this person from all these pictures was and didn't understand why everyone was so excited. It was like a picture coming to life for her.) We told her someone would hold her and that she didn't have to see him. So this morning, after another meltdown, we went to the airport. She closed her eyes on the way in so she wouldn't see him. It was pretty cute. But by the end of lunch, she was beginning to think he was okay. And after her nap, she was asking about him, so we went over to play at Grandma's but only after we called to make sure Uncle Dean was there. By the end of the day, he was her best friend! It's so fun to see him home!
P.S. Here's a picture of the girls in their matching dresses from Lenay's wedding. Aren't they cute!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Matching Girls

I love dressing my girls alike! And I might as while enjoy it now because I doubt they like it when they are older. Here's a few of their cute outfits.

The girls got these darling outfits for Easter. I simply love them. The shirt is an islet material and looks so good on all three!

These are the dresses Grandma made for them. They are so cute and the girls love the fact that their cousin, Natalie, has one too.

These are their birthday dresses. They are pretty fun. Every time I dress the girls alike, I have people ask if I made their dresses because their sizes are so different. I would love to say yes, but ever since Seryn was born, I just haven't felt much up to sewing. But I was lucky enough to find some outfits at Sam's Club several months ago that had sizes 2-6 and I bought seveal different ones. Lylli's is almost too small but still fits and Seryn's is big. But it works and they're sooooo cute!!

You may not be able to see these very well but they are white islet with purple trim and were so cute for Nana's wedding. I did sew on sleeves because they were sleeveless and I knew I'd never get them to wear shirts under them. They turned out pretty cute. (I guess I really need to get a picture of just the three of them before they grow out of them or stain them!)
Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Just a Quick Note

Not to bore you, or post too frequently, but I just got Shane's letter in the mail today for his results on his licencing exam and had to pass on the results. He passed!!! We are so excited!! He still has to do a ton of supervised hours before he gets his official licence. But this is the exam he was going to be out of town for. We paid the $235 (nonrefundable) before we knew he would be out of town. Then his trip was cancelled, due to weather, so he had two days to study for this. We figured he'd have to take it and pay for it again in October. But we don't!!!!!! He needed to have at least a 97 and got a 102 out of 160. Great job Shane!!!!