Monday, November 9, 2009


Just a few updates. Layla has started riding her bike again. She was riding without training wheels in March or April but when she discovered that none of her friends could, she no longer wanted to and talked herself into believing she couldn't. Well, when Shane moved down for good, she decided to ride again. And since we have no yard, that's all she's been doing. Her bike was too little, so we decided to get her a bigger one. We debated about waiting until Christmas, but we got her something else for Christmas, and since that's all there is to do outside, we decided to go ahead and give it to her.

And she LOVES it!!! And she rides every day!

She's even been on several bike rides with her dad!
Shane and I finished the kitchen a week ago (or so.) Here's the before shot.

And this is what it looks like all done.
It's different, but we really like it!
*And just an FYI: The guy who offered Shane the transmission job backed out, so we are still jobless. So prayers on our behalf are welcome.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween has come and gone! It was so beautiful here in Utah! And the kids had a great Halloween. We attended the ward Halloween party and Trunk or Treat. Shane made it back to Utah just in time to attend! It's always wonderful to see him! The girls and I also carved pumpkins! They love doing that! Lylli got a coupon at school for the Days Market for a free pumpkin, so we had to get them there! And what luck! Pumpkins were 9 cents a pound!

On Halloween, here in Provo, they actually still go door to door trick or treating! What fun!!! It was our family's first time going door to door and the girls had a blast! Shane and I used to bundle up with snow pants under our costumes and go when we were little, but here all we needed was a coat. On the street we went down, a family had rented a couple giant commercial blow up slide things. So all the kids from the neighborhood got to play on them! They even had spotlights out for after it got dark. If was a giant party! And the girls had a ton of fun! And they are already asking when Halloween comes around again.
Lylli is a 'garden' fairy!
Layla is a beautiful princess.
Seryn is a fairy. (And yes, her wings are upside down, but when they were on the other way, they kept flopping onto her head and she kept bending her head over. So she preferred to wear them this way!)
Shane at the ward party as a zombie. He did the Zombie Ball for YEC before he left Casper. (I think Will's band played for it too.) Anyway, Shane had quite a bit of make-up and looked pretty freaky, I guess. He didn't have time for that at the ward party, which was probably a good thing! Still, it was fun because this was the first year since we've been married that he's dressed up!
And me. Shane and I only dressed up for the ward party. I made this dress 10 years ago and had Lylli help me squeeze into it. I think I must have made it big. Either that or else my chest size is exactly the same size! (With only a little more meat on my ribs!) Still, it was fun looking beautiful. Especially when the kid next door did a double take and couldn't think of anything intelligible to say to me! That always makes a girl feel good! :)
*P.S. Shane got a job at a transmission shop in Orem. He should start full-time next week. However, he is still in the running for the position as the assistant dean at UVU. So, he may get to choose what he wants to do!