Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to Seryn!!

Today is Seryn's birthday and she is 4. First thing this morning, she came in to my room and said, "Mommy, is today my birthday? Am I four today?" When I told her that she was, she threw her arms around me and squealed in delight!
Seryn is a joy and a blessing in my life. She is a very happy girl and loves her sisters. She has a very vivid imagination and wants to impress others. She also has an amazing sense of color and fashion. She just knows what looks good (most days.) She's quite the perfectionist, is always missing someone who's not with her, and is a mommy's girl! We are really blessed to have Seryn in our lives! Even though she may cause us all to go to our graves before we are ready, as she is EXTREMELY accident prone!

It rained like crazy this morning but was so nice after lunch. So Shane wanted to give Seryn her bike after lunch so she could ride it a little before it rained again. (which it did) She had a bike, but Lylli and Layla had both ridden it into the ground. So eved though Seryn rode it a little, it's difficult to ride a bike that the seat doesn't stay on.
Needless to say, she LOVES her new pink bike and rides it pretty well! We are still working on the break thing. :)

Isn't that a pretty swim suit? She was so excited about that!

And she LOVES the computer she got from Grandma and Grandpa Lorimer!! Now she has one and so does Layla! (Only Seryn makes sure you know that hers is pink!)

Instead of cake, she wanted a brownie with strawberries. I add the whipped cream too and she LOVED it!! She is so happy to 'FINALLY' be four!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Starting Up Birthday Week!

As most of you know, today is the start of birthdays! Today is Layla's (6), tomorrow is Seryn's (4), and Friday is Lylli's (9). Last Friday, Layla and Seryn had a combined birthday party! It was supposed to be a water party but it got rained out! So I had to come up with indoor games. It was crazy, but I think the kids had fun! If nothing else, they LOVED their cupcakes!

We played the egg relay. Only one was dropped, and I'm glad I thought to boil them!

This was both Layla and Seryn's first birthday parties, and they loved having their friends over to make them feel special!

Seryn and her friends!

Layla was SO pleased to have her friends over! This is her new way of expressing her pleasure. (Folding her arms!)

Layla's friends! Silly kids!

Seryn got a bead kit from a friend that she worked on this afternoon!

She is modeling her beautiful crown and purse she made!

Layla's Birthday!

Today is Layla's birthday and she is now 6!! She is such a beautiful girl! If you haven't met her, she will love you the moment you meet her. Her heart is bigger than anyone's I know. She loves everyone! She wants everyone to be happy! She is truly a special girl! I am so glad she's in our family and a part of my life. Every day she is a light in my life, and she teaches me the importance of love and laughter!

Opening her gifts!
The computer she got from Grandma and Grandpa Lorimer (which she and her sisters love!)

Layla wanted me to take homemade donuts to school for her class. I explained that I didn't think I would have time to make the donuts before I had to get them to school. So I took rainbow cupcakes, which were a HUGE hit! Then, Layla insisted that I make donuts for her birthday treat and that we put candles on them! She loved them and so did the family! It's a good thing I don't make them very often or we'd all weigh 600 lbs! :)

Layla got a K'Nex kit for her birthday! They are like the old Erector sets for those of you old enough to remember those. (I had to look them up on line!) So this afternoon, Layla, Lylli and Shane put together the roller coaster! Shane said that the girls did most of the work.

They really had a good time and Layla LOVES it!!!

Layla's Birthday Rollercoaster

Friday, May 13, 2011

Lylli Rager in Huckleberry Finn

Lylli participated in another drama production. She did a great job. Since it was too long of a show I couldn't upload it onto youtube, but I cut and pasted Lylli's parts so you could see her. You can watch the whole thing another time if you want. I'll have it on my computer!
She had the first and the last line, and that made her nervous. But she did a GREAT job! I'm proud of her!

I added several posts tonight, so make sure and scroll down to check out what we've been up to!

SO Far Behind - AGAIN!

No one really minds a post with just pictures, right? That's usually everyone's favorite part anyway. (At least it's mine!) So since I found so many pictures on my phone and camera, I thought I'd just post some of them!

This is Lylli. We were at Layla's friend's birthday party. Her grandpa has an indoor (and outdoor, but who's keeping track) pool. We have gone over several times this winter and the girls LOVE it!!

Seryn in the kiddy pool.

Layla and her friend, Aydra Hill.

We were in Casper the last part of April for a funeral. We didn't stay long, but we had a good time with our families. The first morning in Casper, Seryn fell off the bed and hit her head on a table and got a little bruise. Later that night, she was tired and jumping from couch to couch at Nana's and face planted!! Her goose egg was HUGE and stuck around for a couple days. We have since learned (I hope) that monkeys don't jump on couches or beds!!! I'm amazed this kid hasn't ever broken anything. If something is going to happen, it ALWAYS happens to Seryn!

Our kitty is getting SO big, but everyone still loves him! We have put him outside, and he is not a fan! But he's getting use to it and has proven himself equal to the dog. (There was a pretty big fight over sleeping arrangements the first night, and I'm pretty sure the cat won.) So they pretty much just avoid each other!

This is Layla holding baby Nolan. (He's a friend's baby. My girls love babies. But I'm DONE! YES, that's an announcement! And very official!)

It was FINALLY warm enough last weekend to get out the pool. The girls had a BLAST!

We have been doing some renovations on our house. One of which was to put up moulding in the house. This is Seryn helping her dad remove the partial pieces in the kitchen! She's a GREAT helper! (Shane also put in tile in the bathrooms and I have been painting!)

These were the rainbow cupcakes I made for Layla's class. They were lots of fun. Just take a white cake mix, divide it into bowls, add lots of food color until you have the colors you want. Then layer them into the cupcake wrappers. The kids LOVED them!

I did red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

May Scripture Story


Helaman 13-16

1. What did Samuel tell the people to do?

2. Why were people shooting arrows at him?

3. Why didn't the arrows hit him?