Sunday, May 22, 2011

Starting Up Birthday Week!

As most of you know, today is the start of birthdays! Today is Layla's (6), tomorrow is Seryn's (4), and Friday is Lylli's (9). Last Friday, Layla and Seryn had a combined birthday party! It was supposed to be a water party but it got rained out! So I had to come up with indoor games. It was crazy, but I think the kids had fun! If nothing else, they LOVED their cupcakes!

We played the egg relay. Only one was dropped, and I'm glad I thought to boil them!

This was both Layla and Seryn's first birthday parties, and they loved having their friends over to make them feel special!

Seryn and her friends!

Layla was SO pleased to have her friends over! This is her new way of expressing her pleasure. (Folding her arms!)

Layla's friends! Silly kids!

Seryn got a bead kit from a friend that she worked on this afternoon!

She is modeling her beautiful crown and purse she made!

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the Smiths said...

Aurora had so much fun. The girls look very happy!