Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Layla's Program

Today Layla had her preschool program. The kids did a great job! Of course, they are all 3 & 4, so it's kind of like doing a mini Primary Program with Sunbeams. But it was lots of fun! Since I've been gone for so long, one of the other teachers stepped in and directed the kids. (As the music teacher, it was supposed to be my job.) But just watching has it's advantages. They will have two more programs this year, and I will know what to expect! Brilliant!
Layla had a great time! She's made lots of new friends and loves to be in the action! Her teacher asked me if I had gotten any pictures of her front. I said, yes, but that most of them were blurry. Layla was turned around half the time. She just had to see what the kids behind her were doing. And when she was facing forward, she was in constant motion! Her teacher also told me that from time to time, she could hear Layla whispering to the kids around her, "Hands in your lap. Turn around and be quiet. Don't forget to smile." She is such a breath of fresh air! And she was pretty darn cute today!
So they had their program and then we had a Thanksgiving Feast! The kids had a great time, and Layla was completely in her element. You don't suppose she has theater in her blood, do you?
And, the other day, after the rehearsal, I was visiting with the pianist, Bev Reese, and she asked if I knew Bevery Lorimer. Well, what do you know? As a matter-of-fact, it turns out I know her pretty well. I thought it was pretty funny.
This is Layla and her friend, Kai Wolz. They are in nursrey together at church too and love having a friend at school too. She refers to him as her best Kai friend.
This was "God Bless America!"
Layla, the pilgrim.
Layla's class doing their Turkey poem.
Perhaps the one time Layla was facing forward.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Where's Seryn?

I have a small cupboard where I keep my dirty towels and wash clothes from the kitchen. The cupboard is thin and fits a small garbage can. So, I took the garbage can full of dirty towels downstairs to be washed today. When I came upstairs, I heard Seryn calling for me, "Mama!" but I couldn't see her anywhere. This is where I finally found her! Silly goose!

Monday, November 10, 2008

FHE - Obedience

I wanted to share our Family Home Evening we had tonight because I thought it was a very clever idea Shane had. I don't remember having tons of FHEs when I was younger but we always did things together as a family, just not always structured. And Shane seldom had FHE at his house either. I've tried off and on over the years but have struggled since Shane has always been gone. We always do things together and it's sometimes just easier to visit about various aspects of the gospel on the way to school or something. But a couple months back, Lylli really started hounding us to have FHE. I did it a couple times and it just seems like Shane has really taken it and flown with it. I don't think we've missed a week in a couple months!!! (And for us, that's a real accomplishment.) Last week, Lylli even gave us a great lesson on writing letters to people we love.
Since I have had my tonsils out, I have stocked the freezer with all sorts of frozen treats. This afternoon, I was eating a tiny 3.5 oz. of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. (They are the tiny ones with the little spoon things on the tops for less than a dollar.) Shane asked if I had any more he could use for FHE. I did, so he gave a lesson on obedience.
We talked about Nephi and his faith and obedience in the Lord and then he blindfolded each of the girls. He then gave them instructions and helped guide them through the house to the kitchen where they found something hard and irregularly shaped and he told them it was very important. He told them to hang onto it and then he took them into the bathroom. He asked them if they knew where they were, and they did, and he explained that sometimes the Lord takes us places we don't understand. But He always knows what we need. There, they found something cold and round. Shane then led them back to the kitchen, still blindfolded, where they were able to finally 'see' their blessings (the ice cream) and enjoy them!
Along their journey, every time someone would trip or fall or run into a couch, Shane would use that as an example of how the Lord guides our lives and we need to listen and obey so we can reap the rewards!
I thought it was a great lesson and the girls loved it!! Of course, when it came time for bed, it was hard to actually apply the principle into their actions. But I think they will remember the lesson for a long time! Thanks Shane! You did a great job!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm doing well

Just a quick note. I got my tonsils out yesterday. YUCK! But I'm doing well. I was a touch (okay, very) nervous going into the the ordeal but everything went well. I had a really good doctor and a wonderful anesthesiologist (of course, he's in my parents' ward.) Tuesday night, Shane and my dad gave me a nice blessing which calmed my nerves somewhat. Then, the anesthesiologist slipped me something to help me relax too. This surgery was a much less traumatising experience than my DNC four years ago. (Perhaps that has something to do with hormone levels too.) So, I'm pretty doped up. And with the exception of being tired and having a sore throat, I'm doing pretty well. Thank you for all of you who have been praying for me and my doctors. Also, a special thank you to my parents who have been sooo very helpful and everyone else who has helped me and my family out throughout this slight challenge. Your love is appreciated.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Halloween was a crazy day!!! Layla and I had our preschool party all morning and then Lylli had hers in the afternoon. Then we had a ward party with trunk-or-treating and then a party at my mom's house. It was crazy, but a ton of fun!!! I don't remember a Halloween where we didn't at least need a jacket but most of the time a coat and snowpants. This year was truly a fall Halloween and required no additional padding with our costumes. That was kind of cool! Lylli was a pretty witch, Layla was a fairy (who occasionally turned into a princess, depending on what was going on) and Seryn was a bumble bee. I was an egyptian princess. (The kids at preschool hardly even recognized me!) We had a fun day!

October Activities

I need to get these pictures up before Thanksgiving! (hahaha!) We had some fun in October. We made Halloween cookies at the beginning of the month but we also made carmel apples and carved pumpkins. We tried to go to the pumpkin patch but were too late and they were all out of pumpkins. So we used ones we grew in our garden. They worked great, they just weren't very big. But the girls did their own and had lots of fun! (I helped Seryn.)