Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Tractor Daddy Brought Home

Snow and Fun!

So, last week, it was beautiful one day and this was the scene outside my window the next. Crazy. But it was so pretty!! And, I'm getting pretty good at this whole picture thing. :)
And you can't have a cold day without baking. Right? So we made Halloween cupcakes. They had orange and black sprinkles in them. It was lots of fun!

Then, on Friday, so yesterday, Seryn learned how to climb the ladder to Lylli's bunk. We knew it was only a matter of time. She's such a little monkey!! And she did fall off the ladder once, so she hasn't attempted it again. (Thank goodness!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Bad Parts of Being a Mom

I know, I'm posting a lot this month. But I had a terrible experience tonight. I haven't experienced this since Lylli was little. I was sitting in the bathroom on the computer while the girls were taking a bath when I saw something fly out of the bathtub. I looked up and saw a piece of poop lying on the floor!!! And then, of course, there was poop in the tub too. YUCK!!! And NO, I didn't take a picture. I was trying hard to keep my dinner in my stomach. Layla never did anything like that. Lylli did, but kept it in the tub and screamed, running from the floaters. Seryn, just hucked it out of the tub and then laughed!!! Ugh! (That'll teach me to check emails while the girls are in the tub.)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Odd Activities of my girls

Last week, Lylli was running on the playground to line up and, the way she tells it, when she stopped, she lost her balance and fell. However, after seeing her face, I would wager she did more than just fall. You can't get a shiner like that and "just fall." But she refused to let us get a picture of it. It's amazing how fast she can move when she really wants to. But if I want her to, she tends to be much pokier.
Seryn loves to sing and dance and read music. She thinks it is so much fun to turn on the stereo or a CD and look through one of my music books. Such a silly girl.

So I finally did get a couple pictures of Lylli's eye. But she put certain stipulations on the pictures. I had been trying to get pictures for a couple days and I think this is picture is three days old. (In fact today, over a week later, she still has a pretty good shiner.) But she had made such a stink about the picture thing I was sure she wouldn't let me get one. But finally she said, "Mom, I'll only let you get a picture of my eye if you promise to put it on your blog." No joke. Those were her exact words. So here are the two pictures I got!! You let me know if you think she just lost her balance or not.

Snow Fun

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lost to the Twilight

Isn't that a catchy start. But according to my husband it's true. To me, I'm just enjoying the time! I've been reading the Twilight series for my book club and I am actually enjoying it more than I thought I would. All the ladies Shane works with are - according to him - addicted to the books. I like to think of it more as enjoying the time away from reality. But we all know I'm a hopeless romantic and will do anything for a good romance read. So, DON'T BUG ME WHILE I'M READING!!! I'm just teasing.
Well, on to other news (news other than the snow coming down outside.) This last week, Layla and I started school!
I accepted a position to teach the music at the First Presbyterian Church preschool. They have music time from 9:15 to 9:45ish four days a week. So I'm there for about an hour and get Fridays off. It's similar to teaching the music in Primary. I started on Monday and so far I've enjoyed it. But just like any calling, it's sometimes overwhelming to fill big shoes. And the gal who did it before me had been doing it for 18 years! But I'm learning and having a good time. While I"m teaching, Seryn goes to work with her dad for an hour, four days a week. And she enjoys that. They are also letting Layla go to preschool as an additional bonus! She goes MWF and loves it! The fire men came the other day, and while she was very apprehensive about it, she keeps talking about it so I think she enjoyed it. And now she goes to school like Lylli! This kind of bugs Lylli, though she doesn't say as much. But I think she really liked being the only one going to school and learning stuff. However, the fighting about school has gone down dramatically at our house! (The argument where Layla says she goes to 'baby-school' just to get a rise out of Lylli.)
Layla and her new backpack! (Backpacks are cheaper at the end of September!!!! But the selection isn't as big.)
Oh, and on extra news, Lylli got her hair cut too, and loves it!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Last week, we made cookies! I know it's a little early for Halloween cookies, but besides Christmas and Valentine'[s Day, I only have Halloween cookie cutters. At any rate, the girls had a fun time! They love to make cookies and decorate them. And they were pretty tasty!

Girls love shoes

The other day, Seryn was actually walking around in my shoes. I'm not entirely sure how she balanced long enough to get them on, but she was pretty proud of herself.

And Layla got her hair cut last week. She wanted it cut short like her dad's. (Yes, Shane has been keeping his hair short lately.) But I suggested that her friend, Natalie, had short hair, so she wanted to go that route. (So now if you mention her hair cut, she says it's like Natalie's.) The day after she got it cut, I was doing something in the kitchen and noticed some hair on the floor. I knew Layla had been in the kitchen earlier cutting some paper, so it wasn't hard to figure out what happened. The hair dresser was able to fix most of it and it hides pretty well, but we had a discussion about how Mommy and Cindy are the only ones allowed to cut Layla's hair!!!

Oh, What do you do in the Autumn time?

Do you remember that primary song? (Although, I think I learned it with the words summertime.) Well, here are some of the things we have been doing. It has been a beautiful autumn and we have definately been enjoying the weather.

These are just a few pictures of us enjoying life in Casper!
Seryn really does try and climb the fence, and is somewhat successful, though it freaks her mother out to no end!
And our ivy vine also climbed our pine tree. So that's kind of cool! Although the picture isn't as neat as it really is!