Friday, February 29, 2008

Washing dishes!

Happy leap year!
Seryn has been crawling since she was six months old. And now she is scaling the furnature. Well tonight, I came into the kitchen to find this.

Yes, she really climbed into the dishwasher by herself. (At least it was clean!) And while it was probably not good on the dishwasher, even I had to admit, it was pretty funny!!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pizza Day!

Tonight, we decided to have a fun dinner! We each made our own personal pan pizzas! The girls had a great time making them, and they ate a little better too. It was a great activity! And they were very tasty!

On Saturday, Lylli went to a birthday party at the Wagon Wheel. It was her first time ever on Roller Skates. Well, I guess that's not entirely true. She does have a pair of skates that go over shoes but she has always struggled a little. But Saturday, holding a mom's hand, she had a great time and got pretty good at it too. She can't wait to go back! (She's in the pink pants.)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Handsome!

For any of you who have been around me much, you know I always call Shane, my Handsome. It's a nickname that used to embarass him a lot and I used it because he didn't believe it. Now he is starting to believe it and it has stuck. And he is very handsome!

Shane is not feeling well today and so naturally my thoughts turn to him. He is applying for a new job and decided that he needed to look more professional. His hair was long before, but it didn't look aweful (although this is not the best picture. I took this just before he went in for his hair cut, something he was loathe to do.) He didn't want to cut his hair, but decided he needed to look more professional and look more like an authority figure, since the job is working with the youth of the community. (He always had lots of compliments on his long hair and he had some beautiful curls!!! Any girls dream!)

Personally, I think he looks good now. It's almost like I have finally found the man I married!! He no longer seems to be running from the guy he is supposed to be. Or, at least he's not running as fast!

Shane and the guys he works with have graduations for their clients when they have completed their program and have stayed clean a certain number of days. Anyway, for their graduations, I always make a cake or dessert of some kind. This last one, I took a picture of. It looked so pretty!!!! And the frosting was to die for! It has coconut sprinkled over the top and then has a garland of blueberries and mint leaves. I thought it looked pretty good and Shane says it tasted good too.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

More Valentine's Cookies!

Valentine's Cookies!!!

My grandma always used to have a Valentine cookie bake. So this year, Lylli and Layla each got a party. They thought that was lots of fun!

Everyone's been doing well. Lylli and Seryn both got sick with a high fever for several days but all seems well today. Shane is looking into getting another job. (As if teaching three classes, seeing clients, doing IOP groups three nights a week isn't enough.) With his new job, he will be working with the youth in the community; helping them develope programs to improve the community and stay off drugs. He's really hoping he gets the job. But, we'll see.

We were poor this year for Valentine's Day (and since the girls were sick, we kind of forgot about it too.) So, I shoveled the sidewalks for Shane and he made me a candlelite steak dinner. Of course, it was a little different to be sharing the candlelite with not only my husband, but my girls too. But they had a great time with their fluted glasses. Although, a recurring question during the half hour or so of dinner was, "Why is it so dark?" :) Being a mom is really very rewarding sometimes.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!

The other day Lylli said the funniest thing. She said, "Mom, mouses don't go to heaven." "Oh, they don't?" I asked. "No. They go in the gabage can."
Then today, I picked up a washcloth to wash Layla up after dinner. It was covered in something gross and I said, "Oh, that's gross." Layla got an impish glint in her eye and said, "Get used to it." Then she laughed!
There's never a dull moment at the Rager house!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lylli's Science Fair Project

"Cookies are like rocks. They need two or more things to work!"

Lylli won 1st place with her science project yesterday! She was one of two kindergartners and they were each in seperate categories. She had lots of fun!

This is after the chamber was heated to nearly 1000 degrees.

These are the three rocks she made.

Obviously number three was the best. They heated it the hottest.

This was the the two pistons, the chamber and the clay.