Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pizza Day!

Tonight, we decided to have a fun dinner! We each made our own personal pan pizzas! The girls had a great time making them, and they ate a little better too. It was a great activity! And they were very tasty!

On Saturday, Lylli went to a birthday party at the Wagon Wheel. It was her first time ever on Roller Skates. Well, I guess that's not entirely true. She does have a pair of skates that go over shoes but she has always struggled a little. But Saturday, holding a mom's hand, she had a great time and got pretty good at it too. She can't wait to go back! (She's in the pink pants.)


Rhea said...

Your girls are adorable! Nice blog.

Linds said...

That is a fun Dinner Idea. I've tried bigger pizza's but I like the personal pizza idea. I'll have to try it.
I remember going to the Wagon Wheel as kids that was so fun.