Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Injuries!

This summer has been worse than some, as far as injuries go. Earlier this week, the girls were riding motorcycles with Papa Harold. Lylli went first. Then it was Layla's turn. Harold went to lift her up, and she hit her leg on the hot exhaust pipe! Poor thing! She's doing fine now, so that's good! :) But she had a HUGE blister!

Today we went on an outing to Shane's dad's (just a half mile from his mom's) to see our kitty. (Jerry's watching the cat until we get a house.) The girls were riding their bikes, and Shane and I walked with the dog. Seryn rides well but doesn't brake well. She'd rather stick out her feet to stop. Well, Shane lifted her seat a bit so she could peddle better up the hills. Deciding to follow her sisters, instead of waiting for her dad, Seryn followed the big girls down the hill to the house. Unfortunately, when she stuck out her feet to 'brake' her feet didn't reach as well she thought they would. She panicked, her arms caused her wheel to go crazy, she hit the curb, and crashed. (The picture above is her mark she left on the world!)
She got banged up pretty good, but she's doing well. She has a pretty big gash under her chin, and most people probably would have had her taken in for stitches. But Shane butterflied it closed, and I think it will be fine. She's bruised, but in relatively good spirits!
Hopefully that is the end of our summer injuries this year!

Random Summer Pictures

We have had a busy summer! The girls got their tonsils out, then I had my hysterectomy. Two weeks later, we attended my family reunion. The following week, Shane and I went to Casper to find jobs (Shane found a job at National Oilwell, and I found one as a teller at Wells Fargo), then he and I returned to Provo to pack up the house and move. Shane and I start our new jobs this week and the kids start school in a couple weeks. Needless to say, I've been busy. So, here are a few random pictures from various adventures this summer.

Shane and some of his friends at a BBQ.

We were at a BBQ with some friends and this nice girl took to Seryn. They were palling around holding hands. They were so cute!

Lylli taking a turn cranking the ice cream with Grandpa!

The girls were playing with the water and sidewalk chalk the other day. When the chalk is wet, it creates a great finger paint. The girls took that a step farther and decided to use it as body paint!

My Uncle Paul had his pop-up camper at my grandparents' BBQ and the girls thought it was lots of fun to check out! Emily and Mandy Blevins and Seryn and Layla.

Layla 'flying' on Shiela's legs!

Layla holding a chicken. A friend of Shane's caught it (his parents owned them) and Layla was so excited to hold it!

Seryn finishing her EXTRA long ride she talked Papa Harold.

Lylli riding on the motercycle with Papa Harold.

Lorimer Family Reunion

This year, the weekend of July 4th, we went to Rocky Ridge and 6th crossing and Martin's Cove with my family. The mosquitos were horrid, but we all managed to have an enjoyable time. It was two weeks after my surgery, so I didn't hike, but we had a good time.

Our pioneer family!

My mom made everyone pioneer outfits for Christmas for this trip! She did an awesome job!
Aren't they so cute?!

Layla in the Sweetwater River.
Lylli jamming out to her ipod shuffle in the car on the way to Rocky Ridge!
Seryn enjoying lunch after the hike up Rocky Ridge.
Cooling off in the Sweetwater!