Sunday, July 24, 2011

Random Summer Pictures

We have had a busy summer! The girls got their tonsils out, then I had my hysterectomy. Two weeks later, we attended my family reunion. The following week, Shane and I went to Casper to find jobs (Shane found a job at National Oilwell, and I found one as a teller at Wells Fargo), then he and I returned to Provo to pack up the house and move. Shane and I start our new jobs this week and the kids start school in a couple weeks. Needless to say, I've been busy. So, here are a few random pictures from various adventures this summer.

Shane and some of his friends at a BBQ.

We were at a BBQ with some friends and this nice girl took to Seryn. They were palling around holding hands. They were so cute!

Lylli taking a turn cranking the ice cream with Grandpa!

The girls were playing with the water and sidewalk chalk the other day. When the chalk is wet, it creates a great finger paint. The girls took that a step farther and decided to use it as body paint!

My Uncle Paul had his pop-up camper at my grandparents' BBQ and the girls thought it was lots of fun to check out! Emily and Mandy Blevins and Seryn and Layla.

Layla 'flying' on Shiela's legs!

Layla holding a chicken. A friend of Shane's caught it (his parents owned them) and Layla was so excited to hold it!

Seryn finishing her EXTRA long ride she talked Papa Harold.

Lylli riding on the motercycle with Papa Harold.

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