Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Cookies!!!

My grandma always used to have a Valentine cookie bake. So this year, Lylli and Layla each got a party. They thought that was lots of fun!

Everyone's been doing well. Lylli and Seryn both got sick with a high fever for several days but all seems well today. Shane is looking into getting another job. (As if teaching three classes, seeing clients, doing IOP groups three nights a week isn't enough.) With his new job, he will be working with the youth in the community; helping them develope programs to improve the community and stay off drugs. He's really hoping he gets the job. But, we'll see.

We were poor this year for Valentine's Day (and since the girls were sick, we kind of forgot about it too.) So, I shoveled the sidewalks for Shane and he made me a candlelite steak dinner. Of course, it was a little different to be sharing the candlelite with not only my husband, but my girls too. But they had a great time with their fluted glasses. Although, a recurring question during the half hour or so of dinner was, "Why is it so dark?" :) Being a mom is really very rewarding sometimes.


Amy said...

You are so cute. You just are! I really loved that post. And I loved the video too. I'm learning from you... all that flour on the table and no doubt the floors and life goes on. You are a terrific mom!

THE BOWMAN'S said...

That was so fun to do cookies with you guys! Kiana had a blast and she's been talking about it ever since. (Can we go back to Sister Rager's house and do cookies again?) Anyway, you're a great mom and it's fun to watch your family. Let me know when you and Shane are going to go out or another time when I can take the girls for you!