Saturday, October 18, 2008

Odd Activities of my girls

Last week, Lylli was running on the playground to line up and, the way she tells it, when she stopped, she lost her balance and fell. However, after seeing her face, I would wager she did more than just fall. You can't get a shiner like that and "just fall." But she refused to let us get a picture of it. It's amazing how fast she can move when she really wants to. But if I want her to, she tends to be much pokier.
Seryn loves to sing and dance and read music. She thinks it is so much fun to turn on the stereo or a CD and look through one of my music books. Such a silly girl.

So I finally did get a couple pictures of Lylli's eye. But she put certain stipulations on the pictures. I had been trying to get pictures for a couple days and I think this is picture is three days old. (In fact today, over a week later, she still has a pretty good shiner.) But she had made such a stink about the picture thing I was sure she wouldn't let me get one. But finally she said, "Mom, I'll only let you get a picture of my eye if you promise to put it on your blog." No joke. Those were her exact words. So here are the two pictures I got!! You let me know if you think she just lost her balance or not.


Leslie said...

Too cute. I love it. But, you can have the girls and I will have the boys :)

Amy said...

It looks pretty painful, but she could have fallen on something hard if she did, in fact, fall. Abby came home with a shiner she got at school because some kid pushed her on the slide. To this day she swears she doesn't know who pushed her.