Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Bad Parts of Being a Mom

I know, I'm posting a lot this month. But I had a terrible experience tonight. I haven't experienced this since Lylli was little. I was sitting in the bathroom on the computer while the girls were taking a bath when I saw something fly out of the bathtub. I looked up and saw a piece of poop lying on the floor!!! And then, of course, there was poop in the tub too. YUCK!!! And NO, I didn't take a picture. I was trying hard to keep my dinner in my stomach. Layla never did anything like that. Lylli did, but kept it in the tub and screamed, running from the floaters. Seryn, just hucked it out of the tub and then laughed!!! Ugh! (That'll teach me to check emails while the girls are in the tub.)


Leslie said...

HAHAHAHAHAH That happened to me also. As soon as I walked out of the bathroom Gabe pooped. He did a few times before I convinced him it was gross.

Amy said...

I so feel your pain. Ever since Iris pooped the one time, it has happened two more times. Fortunately, they have all remained in the tub, but it is still gross. Bodily functions are the very worst part of parenting.

Quilter 007 (Katrina) said...

Fortunately for me -- Peter & Jeremy have been good enough to do the gross stuff when Rob was the only one home.....even the cat seems to know not to barf when I'm home alone.

Although, we did have a minor incident when Rob was at a Scout Campout, but the Spot Bot was ready to go and I managed to get it over the area & turned before I lost it! It was close though!

THE BOWMAN'S said...

I hope that doesn't happen to us. Yes there have been floaters but I don't think there has been hurling projectiles. By the way we changed our blog address