Monday, November 3, 2008


Halloween was a crazy day!!! Layla and I had our preschool party all morning and then Lylli had hers in the afternoon. Then we had a ward party with trunk-or-treating and then a party at my mom's house. It was crazy, but a ton of fun!!! I don't remember a Halloween where we didn't at least need a jacket but most of the time a coat and snowpants. This year was truly a fall Halloween and required no additional padding with our costumes. That was kind of cool! Lylli was a pretty witch, Layla was a fairy (who occasionally turned into a princess, depending on what was going on) and Seryn was a bumble bee. I was an egyptian princess. (The kids at preschool hardly even recognized me!) We had a fun day!


Amy said...

Great costumes! You look so great with long hair! Abby was a witch too! I'll have to tell her that Lylli was one!

The Martinez Fam said...

You guys look adorable!! I love your costume. You're such a great mom to dress up--I have to say I love the long, black hair.:) It looks like you guys had a great Halloween!!

Linds said...

Love the costumes! I hardly recognized you either! :)