Monday, November 10, 2008

FHE - Obedience

I wanted to share our Family Home Evening we had tonight because I thought it was a very clever idea Shane had. I don't remember having tons of FHEs when I was younger but we always did things together as a family, just not always structured. And Shane seldom had FHE at his house either. I've tried off and on over the years but have struggled since Shane has always been gone. We always do things together and it's sometimes just easier to visit about various aspects of the gospel on the way to school or something. But a couple months back, Lylli really started hounding us to have FHE. I did it a couple times and it just seems like Shane has really taken it and flown with it. I don't think we've missed a week in a couple months!!! (And for us, that's a real accomplishment.) Last week, Lylli even gave us a great lesson on writing letters to people we love.
Since I have had my tonsils out, I have stocked the freezer with all sorts of frozen treats. This afternoon, I was eating a tiny 3.5 oz. of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. (They are the tiny ones with the little spoon things on the tops for less than a dollar.) Shane asked if I had any more he could use for FHE. I did, so he gave a lesson on obedience.
We talked about Nephi and his faith and obedience in the Lord and then he blindfolded each of the girls. He then gave them instructions and helped guide them through the house to the kitchen where they found something hard and irregularly shaped and he told them it was very important. He told them to hang onto it and then he took them into the bathroom. He asked them if they knew where they were, and they did, and he explained that sometimes the Lord takes us places we don't understand. But He always knows what we need. There, they found something cold and round. Shane then led them back to the kitchen, still blindfolded, where they were able to finally 'see' their blessings (the ice cream) and enjoy them!
Along their journey, every time someone would trip or fall or run into a couch, Shane would use that as an example of how the Lord guides our lives and we need to listen and obey so we can reap the rewards!
I thought it was a great lesson and the girls loved it!! Of course, when it came time for bed, it was hard to actually apply the principle into their actions. But I think they will remember the lesson for a long time! Thanks Shane! You did a great job!


Linds said...

That is a good idea, I love that he is really getting into it that neat. It's been hard for us with brent's new schedule, we always had monday night but now we have to do it on different days and it's harder. you are revitalizing my enthusiasum in it. :)

renniemom said...

great object it.

Amy said...

That is a very good lesson. FHE here is always short and sweet, but we have really tried to do it since Abby was little. We are working on the Articles of Faith! I'm glad you are doing well after your surgery.