Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Layla's Program

Today Layla had her preschool program. The kids did a great job! Of course, they are all 3 & 4, so it's kind of like doing a mini Primary Program with Sunbeams. But it was lots of fun! Since I've been gone for so long, one of the other teachers stepped in and directed the kids. (As the music teacher, it was supposed to be my job.) But just watching has it's advantages. They will have two more programs this year, and I will know what to expect! Brilliant!
Layla had a great time! She's made lots of new friends and loves to be in the action! Her teacher asked me if I had gotten any pictures of her front. I said, yes, but that most of them were blurry. Layla was turned around half the time. She just had to see what the kids behind her were doing. And when she was facing forward, she was in constant motion! Her teacher also told me that from time to time, she could hear Layla whispering to the kids around her, "Hands in your lap. Turn around and be quiet. Don't forget to smile." She is such a breath of fresh air! And she was pretty darn cute today!
So they had their program and then we had a Thanksgiving Feast! The kids had a great time, and Layla was completely in her element. You don't suppose she has theater in her blood, do you?
And, the other day, after the rehearsal, I was visiting with the pianist, Bev Reese, and she asked if I knew Bevery Lorimer. Well, what do you know? As a matter-of-fact, it turns out I know her pretty well. I thought it was pretty funny.
This is Layla and her friend, Kai Wolz. They are in nursrey together at church too and love having a friend at school too. She refers to him as her best Kai friend.
This was "God Bless America!"
Layla, the pilgrim.
Layla's class doing their Turkey poem.
Perhaps the one time Layla was facing forward.


Bobbi said...

That is so cute!! I love the pilgrim picture.

The Websters said...

She looks adorable! I am sure it was a great program!

Amy said...

That program sounds so cute. Layla is a doll!

Is Bev Reese married to Quinton Reese? He was my science teacher in Jr. High and I babysat for them a time or two. Funny.