Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to Seryn!!

Today is Seryn's birthday and she is 4. First thing this morning, she came in to my room and said, "Mommy, is today my birthday? Am I four today?" When I told her that she was, she threw her arms around me and squealed in delight!
Seryn is a joy and a blessing in my life. She is a very happy girl and loves her sisters. She has a very vivid imagination and wants to impress others. She also has an amazing sense of color and fashion. She just knows what looks good (most days.) She's quite the perfectionist, is always missing someone who's not with her, and is a mommy's girl! We are really blessed to have Seryn in our lives! Even though she may cause us all to go to our graves before we are ready, as she is EXTREMELY accident prone!

It rained like crazy this morning but was so nice after lunch. So Shane wanted to give Seryn her bike after lunch so she could ride it a little before it rained again. (which it did) She had a bike, but Lylli and Layla had both ridden it into the ground. So eved though Seryn rode it a little, it's difficult to ride a bike that the seat doesn't stay on.
Needless to say, she LOVES her new pink bike and rides it pretty well! We are still working on the break thing. :)

Isn't that a pretty swim suit? She was so excited about that!

And she LOVES the computer she got from Grandma and Grandpa Lorimer!! Now she has one and so does Layla! (Only Seryn makes sure you know that hers is pink!)

Instead of cake, she wanted a brownie with strawberries. I add the whipped cream too and she LOVED it!! She is so happy to 'FINALLY' be four!!

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