Monday, November 9, 2009


Just a few updates. Layla has started riding her bike again. She was riding without training wheels in March or April but when she discovered that none of her friends could, she no longer wanted to and talked herself into believing she couldn't. Well, when Shane moved down for good, she decided to ride again. And since we have no yard, that's all she's been doing. Her bike was too little, so we decided to get her a bigger one. We debated about waiting until Christmas, but we got her something else for Christmas, and since that's all there is to do outside, we decided to go ahead and give it to her.

And she LOVES it!!! And she rides every day!

She's even been on several bike rides with her dad!
Shane and I finished the kitchen a week ago (or so.) Here's the before shot.

And this is what it looks like all done.
It's different, but we really like it!
*And just an FYI: The guy who offered Shane the transmission job backed out, so we are still jobless. So prayers on our behalf are welcome.


Michelle said...

Kitchen looks great. It's nice to like your kitchen, since we seem to spend so much time there. Good luck on the job search. We're keeping you in our prayers.

Dean Lorimer said...

Do we have any word about the jobs still?