Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is Coming!!!

Well, Christmas Eve is tomorrow!!! I hope everyone is ready for the big day! I have one more project to finish up and then, of course, the wrapping! But I'm pretty excited that I did so much. After Christmas, I will post pictures of all my projects. It would be quite pointless to do it before Christmas since some of you may be getting something from me. But, since we are so poor this year, I made all the gifts myself. And I'm nearly done!
I am very excited about Christmas and one thing I love to do every year is make candy. So my girls usually help. Here's a picture of Seryn helping me this year. We were making carmel for the pecan turtles. YUM!!!
(Right here, she's saying 'hot.') And here she is, just being too darn cute!
I also got my hair cut and colored it. It's always fun to have new styles from time to time. I asked Shane what I should do (because my hair was getting quite long. I think we cut off 4-5" from the bottom layer.) He said, "Something sexy, but not too short." So this is what I did. Here's a picture of it flipped out...
...and curled under. Although, the first time I did this, it startled me to realize how much my hair styled this way made me look like my mom. But in a good way. It was just a little shocking at first. Perhaps, if she flipped hers out, she'd look like me? (By the way, for this picture, I was getting ready for my company party. So, no. I don't normally get this dolled up.)
And Lylli has finally made it to the next stage of her quilt!!! If you remember, she started it over the summer. She cut up her favorite blanket so she would quit sucking her fingers and built a quilt. It has taken us a while but now we need to put it on the quilting frame and tie it! She's soooo excited!!! And she did most of the sewing herself! It looks so cute! And she did a great job!
Well, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!! (Oh...and I put up a new scene from my latest book!)


Amy said...

Great pictures. Carmel sounds lovely, I can't wait for mine! Your hair is really cute! And you sure have a lot of lashes! Lylli's quilt is awesome. Abby asked me when I was going to teach her how to sew. I'm really scared to, maybe Lylli could do it for me!

Merry Christmas!

The Websters said...

Your candy sounds soooo good!! My mom use to make us homemade candy growing up and I loved it but she has no idea where her recipes are. When I feel ambitious I might have to ask you for the recipe. Your hair looks great too! Merry Christmas!!1

Linds said...

Cute Haircut!! And aren't the kids tons of help for Christmas! :)