Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thankgiving and Nana

I don't seem to be blogging like I should. Something about being busy? Hmmm.
For Thanksgiving, we went up to South Jordon and spent the evening with Shane's step-father, Harold's family. They were quite nice and we had a good time.
On Saturday, Lylli looked outside and saw a hot air balloon!
Needless to say, this was exciting for us! We'd never seen one quite so close before!
This doesn't look very close but it was really only on the other side of the block! We could even hear the fire in the balloon!
Lenay and Harold also came down for the holiday and though they didn't stay with us, we got to play with them. The girls and Nana built some gingerbread houses, or rather a collage of candy! I posted the pictures as a slide show below this post! Hope everyone had a great holiday!
* Shane is now working for World Class Auto in American Fork. He's really enjoying working as a mechanic again, but misses the community work he did in Casper. Still, he knows this is what the Lord wants him to do now and he really is enjoying it! Maybe he'll be able to do more community work somday.
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***I've also posted a new clip to another story on the sidebar if you want to take a look!


Michelle said...

Glad Shane likes his new job, and that he has one now...what a relief for you guys, I'm sure. Fun times over Thanksgiving. My kids are looking forward to seeing yours in a few weeks!

Missy said...

In Provo on the 4th of July every every they have hot air balloons that they fill and you can go and watch. You can actully walk up right next to them and watch the people working on getting it filled. I would take the kids every year. Once they took off they would play games that you can watch. It is pretty cool.