Friday, December 24, 2010

December 23 & 24

We have a fun week! It snowed and we waited until the snow was mostly melted before we went sledding.
Seryn, Coby, and Layla
We also went to temple square with some friends! (Vivian, Layla, Adra, Seryn)
Seryn asked who that girl was holding. I said, "Baby Jesus." Seryn said, "Awwww." :)
Seryn LOVES temples and wanted a picture in front of the SLC temple! She thought it was beautiful! (She's right!)
We also road the trax. A new experience for us all!!! We drove to Sandy and then road the (train) trax to Temple Square. The girls had a great time. I got motion sick. (Me and Seryn)
Vivian and Lylli.
Ashlynn and Layla
And today we made a BUNCH of donuts! I've never done them and thought it'd be a fun Christmas Eve thing to do! It was and they are DELICIOUS!

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Dean Lorimer said...

Adorable pictures! I hope Leah and I get to see the lights on Temple Square this year.