Saturday, January 15, 2011

Layla, Shane, and BMX

Last weekend, we went to a dirt track to watch some friends race on bikes. They have a group where all the kids can ride around part of the track and they all get trophies. Layla decided she wanted to do it, and a guy there let her borrow a bike. She was SO excited and had SO much fun!!! She did a great job too! Even though the bike was too big for her!

This is Layla's race. She had to stop on the first hill. (I thought she got stuck but she stopped so she didn't hit someone.) She did a great job and says she won her race!!! She had a blast!

Shane didn't race, but he did borrow his buddie's bike and helmet and went around the track a couple times. This is his second run. His first on he lost his shoe!! Funny!


THE BOWMAN'S said...

Where did you guys go to do this? Wyatt saw it and wants to try so bad.

Rachel Rager said...

It' in West Jordan. I think there's like a $40 yearly membership, but the kids race for free. I know they have classes to teach them how to do it too. But it's free to go watch. I think they are doing it again this weekend.

Wendland Wag said...

Watch out!! Layla is taking after her daddy!!