Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Activities

Lylli has been eight for almost a year now. One of the fun things that girls this age get to do in Primary is complete projects for their Faith in God award. This prepares them for the Young Women's Personal Progress Program when they turn 12.
One of the requirements for the Faith in God award is to help plan and present a primary activity. (It's supposed to be a quarterly activity, but they allow for modifications.) So, being a primary leader (I do the singing time again!) I told her she could help me do singing time. She was pretty excited! She decided to make a flower and put songs on the back, and then hide the pieces around the room. Then she chose kids to find the pieces, bring them to the board, and they built the flower! She drew and cut everything out!! She loved it, though she said it was a little bit scary! She did a GREAT job and passed off her goal!

In other Primary news, the theme for Primary this year is "I Know the Scriptures Are True." Our primary presidency has started a new thing where they assign two scripture stories a month, and the kids are supposed to go home and either read them individually or read them with their family. We have never been great about reading the scriptures as a family because we have always had at least one or two girls who couldn't read. And sometimes it just gets tedious. We would read scripture books with the stories, but now we are actually reading the scriptures every night as a family! The girls love it!! It's been great for Lylli to have to read out loud, it's been great for Layla who is learning to read! She has improved a lot since we started reading the scriptures. And it's good for Seryn to repeat the words of the verse and hear the language so she becomes familiar with it.
So, if you'd like to follow along, I'll post each month's stories on my blog. We only read about 18 verses a night and then talk about what we read. So we are slow going. But we have all enjoyed it! (Last month we read the brass plates and Nephi building a boat.) So here's this months. We got a little behind so we will be starting Jonah tonight!

Noah's Ark
Genesis chapter 6-8
1. Why was Noah commanded to build a ship?
2. How old was Noah?
3. What happened to those who did not listen to Noah?
4. What sign does God give us promising he will never flood the earth again?

Jonah and the Whale
Jonah chapters 1 & 2
1. What did God ask Jonah to do?
2. Why did Jonah run away?
3. What happened to Jonah when he didn't do what the Lord commanded him to do?
4. Why did the whale spit Jonah out?

The kids will get more stories next Sunday, so I'll post them! In Primary, they get fuzzies for reading, and they are working toward a water party this summer. It's really a fun idea!
For those of you who don't know, Shane was released as Sunday School President and is now an Assistant in the Young Men's. (Is that what they are called? He helps with the priests and teaches sometimes.) Shane really enjoys this! He loves to teach, and these boys really need his help. They need to know someone cares what happens to them. Today, during Sunday School Shane went and got one young man out of bed to go to YM and picked another one up too. I think he'll be a good role model for those boys. There's only one regularly active priest and there are only 3 total. Anyway, I think it will be good for Shane too. Helping people is just his 'cup of tea!'

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