Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Trip to Washington

For Christmas, I got the girls and I plane tickets to go to Washington in January. It was their first ever plane ride and it was a great vacation! We had a lot of fun! Here are a few highlights from our trip!

Layla, Seryn, & Lylli at the airport waiting impatiently for our plane! Although, they did like the moving sidewalks at DIA!
They were so excited! And we hadn't even started moving yet!
There was plenty to do and you'd think they had done this a hundred times! They were so well behaved!
The kids on the ferry. We got to take the ferry a couple different times, and every time, my kids loved it! Unfortunately, it was too foggy to see much.
Lylli stole my sweatshirt and was hanging out on the couch. I think this was the night she wasn't feeling very spunky.
Most nights, the floor was covered with kids wrestling each other! They thought that was great fun!
Pizza in Seattle before the Science Center. YUM! Joe, Layla, Lylli, Julianna, Seryn.
I don't care what age you are or how often you've seen this, it is a cool building!
They had a train exhibit at the Science Center that was pretty neat.
Lylli and Joe really liked the space exhibit! This is inside a spaceship. Lylli is doing a project on NASA this week and so she LOVED this!  
Seryn climbed up this and kept slipping off several times and was so proud of herself when she finally sat on top of his head! Silly kid. The kids really liked the butterfly exhibit. I had my camera out ready to take pictures, and a butterfly came and landed right on my camera and hand. So I couldn't get a picture! But it was cool!
This is always a cool place to get pictures!
The girls though this was pretty cool to!
One day, Brian took us to see the navy ships. They were pretty neat.  He actually spent almost a year on a ship like this, though his ship isn't either of these. (His was one over.)
Yes, this is everyone's backs, but it was hard to get them to want to pose for more pictures.

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