Friday, April 11, 2008

The highlights

Evidently, I haven't downloaded pictures for a while because this morning I downloaded 49!! Crazy! So here are a few highlights. I'm sure more will follow.

This is Lylli and her friend Mikayla this morning after the Young Author's assembly. Lylli won Honorable Mention for Fiction in Kindergarten with her story called Maria the Horse! and Mikayla won Overall Winner for Fiction in Kindergarten. Mikayla and Lylli are both in the same class, although Mikayla reminds me more of Layla in personality. Perhaps that's why she and Lylli are friends. Lylli was excited to win but she never shows her excitement much, though she will talk about it for days or weeks. Shane's trip to South Dakota was postponed, so he and my mom and I were all able to go to the assembly. When they called Lylli's name, (her name was called first) everyone looked around for her because she didn't know what to do. Then she raised her hand before her principal told her to come receive her award!
I took this picture yesterday morning after I got home from exercising. It was so pretty around here with all the trees. Doesn't this just look like a great book cover! I actually have a story I'm working on, based at Fort Casper in the winter time that I'm considering this for.
This is the girls in their matching outfits they got for Easter. Aren't they so cute?!! I just want to smother them with love when they look this good and are actually cooperating! I love my girls!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend!


Linds said...

I love those pics the girls look so cute matching I thought your oldest looked like Michelle. OH and I do think that would be a good book cover. Do you have your books published or are you just doing things from your website?

Michelle said...

How cute! I love those outfits, and all your girls look cute. I can't believe how much they've grown since Christmas!