Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Soccer Boppers!

I thought you might like to know a favorite past time at our house. We love Soccer Boppers! They are inflatable balls that your hands fit in and the girls love o play with their dad! We have two sets, which doesn't seem to be enough because we all like to have them! Shane has taught the girls how to swing in different manners and one time Lylli knocked the wind out of Shane with an unexpected hit. Layla doesn't do too bad either. And at Lylli's Valentine Party, the boys there, and even some of the girls, had a great time with them. I'd thought about getting some for my brother but was advised that it may not be the best gift to give a missionary!
Layla playing with her dad!
Even Seryn likes to get in on the fun!
Lylli can get Shane with either hand!

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Linds said...

Fun!!! I love that Layla took shane out. :) We need something like this for our house.