Friday, August 8, 2008

The Dark Knight

Shane came home tonight and insisted that I needed out of the house. So he took me to go see the new Batman movie - The Dark Knight. FABULOUS! I really enjoyed it! And not just because Christian Bale's in it. (Or Heath Ledger - who by the way is pretty creepy in this.) But the story was good and message was good too. The message that sometimes we have to sacrifice what we want in order to help others around us.
Lylli asked me what this movie was about and I told her it was about a man who wanted to take over the world and he did it by using fear. By instilling fear into people, even the most honorable men can turn bad. And that is what the joker tried to do. Get the people to turn on each other. Of course, Lylli didn't quite understand the entirety of that, but it is an interesting thought. Are we strong enough that when things change, we will be able to stand up for what we believe in? Or will we allow fear to rule our better judgement? Just a thought. But an interesting one.

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Linds said...

You've made me want to see this one! I love your thoughts on the show. I love how you explained it to lylli too!