Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dance and Volks Wagons, but NO Dancing on Volks Wagons

The other day, my mom and I got the girls some Halloween costumes. (You can never start too early, you know.) And I got the girls leotards to go under them. Naturally, we had to try everything on. However, since the costumes aren't for play, they went in the closet and the leotards stayed on. The girls had a great time dancing! And they were so cute!

I was also talking to my brother the other day and discovered that only a couple people know that Shane got a new car!!! He's so excited and loves it! A couple months ago, he was looking at one but it was completely out of our price range. This one he got for $1000 less than blue book! (Which is nearly $15,000 less than that other car!) So I think we did a good job. He has needed a much newer and more reliable car for sometime now. And since my Tahoe is paid off, we felt we could get another vehicle. So here's Shane's new car. It's a 2001 (I think) Volks Wagon Golf GTI. (YES, it's a turbo! and he loves it!) He mentioned just yesterday that he can dart in and out of traffic quite nicely with it. I told him he's supposed to drive with traffic, not dart in and out of it! Oh well. I'm so glad he likes it! He deserves it after having to drive his old cars around for years now.
Now see, to me, this is the shot that would sell the car.
And this.However, this is the shot that sold it to Shane!


Amy said...

Good for Shane. I'm glad he got a new car and that he likes it! And the girls are too cute in their leotards.

THE BOWMAN'S said...



Kiana wanted to write a message to the Ragers on their blog. We miss you guys. Kiana says that the above message asks if you want to come down for halloween and wear your costumes and go trick or treating.

Linds said...

I love the dancing pictures! I loved dancing around in the living room with my sisters.

Michelle said...

I didn't know about the car either. Cool. I love the dancing pictures, and so did Carson. FYI, Natalie is holding onto the piano bench in that picture. She can't stand on her own.