Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Silly things," said by Layla

This morning, I was stripping the beds to wash the sheets. I did Layla's bed first because she has the bottom bunk. After I was done, I started on Lylli's when Layla says, "Mom, can you please leave so we can jump on the bed?" Of course, I wanted to laugh, but had to explain why we don't jump on the bed. She then proceeded to tell me, "But it's just pretend. See? Watch?" Then she jumped across the bed. "That's not a real jump, Mom."
Now, I don't know what the fun is about jumping on the bottom bunk, I would think you would bonk your head, but evidently they've figured out a way around that. And I have also discovered it is more fun to jump on the bed when the sheets are off. Why is that? Anyway, I hope you found as much amusement from the situation as I did.


Michelle said...

Cute! I have found that is one of the many challenges of parenting. How unfair that we're the ones around when our children say the funniest things, but we're not allowed to laugh. We should set up a blog of funny things kids say!

The Martinez Fam said...

That's hilarious!! I've learned that whenever my kids say, "Just go, Mom," or "Just look that way," then they are for sure doing something they know I probably wouldn't approve of. If they have the door to their room shut, they are almost always jumping on their bunk beds--I usually discuss with them why we don't do that, but on days when I'm tired or have a lot to do, I just pretend I don't know they're jumping on them!!:)