Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snow Days

It seems like we haven't had snow in forever! And once we get it, it all blows away. So, naturally, I'm expecting tomorrow to be very windy! But last night it snowed and so the girls got to play in the snow today! What fun!! Lylli and Shane also went sledding this afternoon while the other two were napping. They both claimed it was exceptionally fun!
Seryn had a great time following Shane around in the snow. It was probably easier for her to walk where he had shoveled.
Lylli spent the morning sliding down our driveway after a running start. She thought it was WAY fun!
So Layla decided to give it a try too.
But instead of enduring the pain of falling and sliding like Lylli, she stopped...sat down...and then...
...laid in the snow with a squeal and a giggle!

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