Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Behinder I get...

... I won't finish that. My 'behinder' is big enough!
So, I have a ton to catch up to do! This month, along with my book signing, we had Shane's grandmother's birthday (70-something: no one is quite sure what.) We also had Layla's track day and her graduation program. She loved preschool so much it has been very sad for her to be done. I, however, have enjoyed the break thus far (probably because I haven't done a darn thing!) So, since I was instructed to upload lots of pictures, and because it takes forever on e-blogger, I have posted several slide shows. I hope you enjoy them!
I have also received some fun kissing stories on my other blog. If you still want to win a free copy of my book, comment to enter the contest. Also, some friends and I have put together another contest. A different book or prize will be given away every day next month. I have the full list of details on my blog. http://rachelrager.blogspot.com/ Also, (yes, I'm promoting myself just a little...I have a hard time with it, so oblige me this once) also, if you think By Love or By Sea was good enough to receive a nomination for a Whitney Award, please go to the link on the sidebar and nominate me. Thanks for all your love and support! I'll be writing again in a week or so (hopefully) with birthday updates!

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THE BOWMAN'S said...

I love the picture of your girls on top, so cute! Luke said that you sold your house?! Congratulations! Lots of birthdays this week too (Kiana wants to call and sing to your girls tomorrow or Monday so we'll talk to you then!)