Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Stilted Rodeo

Okay, so the rodeo wasn't really stilted, I'm just not very clever at titles!
Last week, Lylli and Layla went to the college rodeo with their Nana! They always love doing that! Lylli has been asking me for a couple weeks if we had missed it. But fortunately, we didn't and they were able to go! And somehow, they talked their Nana into getting them cowgirl hats. And they got one for Seryn too.
Lylli doing her model pose. (I told her to look cute, and this is what happened.)
And here's Layla, just being Layla.
And isn't Miss Seryn adorable?!
As most of you know, we closed on our house on the 19th. We are now staying with my parents for a while. Anyway, after we had finished moving things, Shane wandered out to my parents shed and found my dad's old stilts. He decided to try them out!
He got up on them...
But they weren't as easy as he thought they'd be. Still, he was able to take a few steps.
Dad's still pretty good. He says it's like riding a bike. Once you learn, you never forget!


Bobbi said...

I love the CNFR!! We were so sad not to go this year, it is always so fun---everybody has to have a hat to go! They are cute on your girls!

Michelle said...

I'd forgotten about the stilts. I'm glad Seryn will get in the pool now. It will be fun when my kids come to visit.