Friday, June 26, 2009


Lylli has been taking swimming lessons again this summer. She really enjoyed it the first week! But they changed the program since last year and so she's struggled this past week. They've been introducing too many new strokes, and where she's not a very strong swimmer yet, it's been challenging for her. Still, it's good for her and I think she had fun. She'll do better when she takes the class again and can do better!

Also, an interesting tid-bit. Seryn HATES the water! She is terrified of it! In fact, it's only been recently that she's started to sit down in the bathtub without screaming! She hates the rain and cries at the simple thought of it. My mom said that an airplane flew overhead one day and Seryn thought it was thunder and hid under the slide - crying, of course.
But this week...
Layla has loved playing in the pool and so has Lylli. The other day, Seryn had to have her swimsuit on because everyone else did. Then, she mustered up the courage to wander close to the pool. She then began to play in the water from the outside of the pool. By the end of the afternoon, she was playing and splashing along with the other girls and loving it! (Now I have to go buy little swimmers diapers!) I'm glad she can play with her sisters! (This picture is the day that Layla decided to combine the swimming pool with the sand box. Ick!)
The girls just love all the fun things there are to do outside at Grandma and Grandpa's house!


Linds said...

Swimming lessons...I can't wait! Your girls look like they are having a blast. I love that seryn decided to change her mind about the water.

Your girls are too cute in the cowboy hats.

The Martinez Fam said...

Mireya's my first child that hasn't been scared of the water!! My older two girls have just started loving the water in the last couple years!:)