Sunday, August 2, 2009

Denver Zoo

Last weekend we were in Denver for one of Shane's friend's weddings. It was fun to see everyone, but like a dork, I left my camera in the hotel. So no wedding pictures. But we went to the zoo while we were there, so, we have zoo pictures!

This is the one picture the girls weren't acting like they should be in the zoo! Aren't they cute? Seryn is such a wild sleeper that we actually had to put her on the floor so Lylli and Layla could sleep!

This is Seryn, Lylli, Ella, and Layla in front of the zebras. The zebras were Seryn's favorite!!! (She did not trust the elephants!)
And, of course, they thought the peacock was lots of fun! (Ella, Layla, and Seryn)

Seryn thought the seal was pretty fun to watch swim.

For lunch, Shane bought the biggest hot dog I've ever seen! It even had sauerkraut. (YUCK!) But he loved it!
And Seryn thought her dad was so funny, she tried to imitate him! Funny kid!

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Dean Lorimer said...

I love the first picture of the girls. I'm excited to see you all next week!