Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Toilet Paper in Your Hair!

Saturday night, we put toilet paper in Layla's hair after her bath!

Of course, on Sunday morning, it was quite curly! She looked like Shirley Temple and is just adorable. When someone told her she probably didn't know who Shirley Temple was, she said yes, she did. And if Shirley could go to the temple, so could Layla.

And, yesterday was the first day of school!

I can't believe Lylli is already in 2nd grade! Though she wasn't ready for summer to be over, she enjoyed seeing her friends!

And Lylli said that yesterday was the very BEST first day of school. EVER!

Layla keeps asking when she gets to go to school, but she doesn't start until after Labor Day. But, I told her she could wear her new school clothes when Lylli went to school.

Seryn is wearing her new shirt, but had been up sick all night the night before and didn't feel well, so she wanted to wear a sweater too. Still, she can't give up a chance for a picture!


Amy said...

Cute pictures and cute curls! Abby starts school next Tuesday. I don't know about her but I'm excited!

THE BOWMAN'S said...

What cute girls! I'm impressed with Layla's curly hair, when I put up Kiana's, it always turns out frizzy. I'm glad that Lylli had a great first day of school, I hope everything keeps going well!

Linds said...

I love the picture of the girls sleeping and the curls are too cute. Really! Toilet paper!