Thursday, September 9, 2010

Layla's in Kindergarten!

I can't believe Layla's so big!!!! Layla started Kindergarten on September 1. CRAZY! She's loving school! She loves that she's big like Lylli. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Ellis and she is in the morning class. I take her to school with Lylli and then she rides the bus home, which she LOVES! I met her bus the first two days and the bus was really late. So the third day, Seryn and I were running a few minutes behind, and Layla was getting home as we were leaving the house. She was so proud of herself for being so big and doing it on her own. In fact, she asked me not to pick her up anymore because she can do it all by herself! I think I'm having a harder time letting Layla go to school than I did letting Lylli.

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