Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Poem

I posted this on my writing blog, but I thought I'd post it here too, since you all know Shane. I wrote this for my English class. If you're curious about the form of the poem, I wrote it down on my other blog. It was fun to do!
Shane was supposed to be at Father's and Son's last night with a young man in our ward. They got up and realized they only went because they thought the other one really wanted to be there. So they came home and played video games. I asked Shane to give me a topic for my poem, and he told me to write one on how he plays games. So I did. It made Lylli and I laugh!

Alone Tonight, Always the Same
by Rachel Rager

Alone tonight, always the same,
I sit and write my poetry about
My husband and his game.

He sits on the couch with a soda, nice and tame,
Along with the dog; what a pair.
Alone tonight, always the same.

I wonder if it’s Halo, or God of War. Who’s to blame?
Does it really matter?
My husband and his game.

Perhaps I should find a new hobby, one that’s not lame
Like painting, or yoga.
Alone tonight, always the same.

But then if I did design something, anything to frame,
Could I hang it in front of the TV to block
My husband and his game?

Alas, I sit here, with only a computer to hold my claim.
I sit here with my poetry.
Alone tonight, always the same.
My husband and his game.


The Grogan Gang said...

Very good! My husband and HIS game are on right now!!! Two peas in a pod!

Rachel Rager said...

Yep! It's kind of funny!