Monday, March 10, 2008

Ready for Summer!

Aren't these flip-flops cute? I find myself buying as much as I can for the girls to match. All too soon they will resent matching each other. So I'll do it while they still like it!
Such silly girls! The weather has been so nice the girls want to wear their new shoes outside. But it hasn't been THAT nice. My poor girls have such a mean mother.
Lylli likes to read books to her "class." It's a good time for me to find out how her teacher conducts her classes. And she is so cute when she plays school. And she's such a good little reader. She is way beyond her kindergarten class and does reading with the first graders.
Layla is my little helper and loves to help Mom, no matter what the task. The vacuum is great because it gets small enough for the girls to use and they love it! (Too bad that won't last ten years from now.)

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Linds said...

I love those flip flops too! I never thought about haveing the girls match while they would like it, good point.