Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We almost forgot it was St. Patrick's Day but quickly remedied the situation before anyone left the house. Last week was Spring Break and it was nice enough the girls got to play outside a little. They really enjoyed that! Especially because they got to go to Grandma's Park. Here's a picture of Lylli with her new sidewalk chalk. She had a great time with it.

Seryn just started to say Dada on Saturday. Shane thinks it's fun and I can't believe she's getting so big. This is a shot of her smoothy mustache.


THE BOWMAN'S said...

It is finally starting to get warm out there isn't it? You're girls are so cute and congratulations on seven years! That's awesome!!

Linds said...

I got Cloe side walk chalk for Easter I hope she likes it. I love when they start saying words, my problam is always wondering which ones count. Like did they know what they were saying or not. :)

Rhea said...

I love sidewalk chalk for the kids to play with! So fun. Your kids are so adorable. Congrats on seven years of marriage!