Saturday, April 4, 2009

Monsters vs. Aliens - the movie, not the kids!

Yesterday, we took the girls to see Monsters vs. Aliens. It was a really cute show! Lylli loved Bob, of course! And she was pretty excited that she's now the only one in her class to have seen this movie! However, when we pulled up to the theater, she was almost in tears because she didn't want to go watch a movie. Silly girl.
On the other hand, this was Layla's first time at the theater and she was excited...until the movie got going. She's always been sensitive to sounds and so we've never taken her before. Well, she cried through the entire thing! She associated the loud sounds with the movie being too scary. Silly girl.
Then, on the third end of the spectrum, it was also Seryn's first time at the theater. She LOVED it!!!! She was dancing to the music and laughing! Part way through, she got bored and wanted to go up and down the stairs in the aisle and got mad when I wouldn't let her. But after she got hold of one of my lip glosses, she was a golden child. Silly girl.
Shane and I have officially decided that it will be a while before we take the entire family to the movies again!
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Quilter 007 (Katrina) said...

Sounds like Seryn should have come with us to see it! Hey -- next time you are taking Layla to something that is going to be loud, you might try borrowing my noise canceling headphones. The downside is that if that works for her, they are pricey -- but on the other hand, it might make a bunch of events more enjoyable for everyone. I can still hear things with the headphones on, but it cancels out all the stuff that is offensive -- the extreme pitches, sharp noises, etc.

Michelle said...

Mike and I want to take the kids to see this one in theaters as well. It will be both of their first time at the theater, so we'll see how it goes. Of course, I think we'll wait until it goes to the cheap seats, so if it doesn't we won't consider it as much as a waste of money.