Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Talent Show

Saturday, our ward primary had a talent show. It was lots of fun! Lylli played "Love One Another" on the piano and Layla sang "I Lived in Heaven." It was a little scary for them but they did a great job!
This is Seryn "toe walking!" Remind you of anyone, Dean?
Lylli also displayed a couple paintings for the talent show. This is the girls painting! And Seryn is a very good and careful painter! It's fun to watch her. (And the other girls too.)
Lylli playing the piano.
Layla getting ready to sing.
They both did a great job!


Dean Lorimer said...

There is absolutely no other way to walk than on your toes! Great job, Seryn!

Amy said...

Cute pictures and talented girls!

Michelle said...

How fun! What a great idea. I'll have to suggest it, once my own are in primary too. Carson would love something like that. Carson wants to ask your girls questions. To Layla: "Do you have a car?" To Seryn: "Do you have a butterfly?" To Lylli: "Do you have a flower?" He's also been wondering if Uncle Shane likes to sleep in like Uncle Dean does. He's really excited to see you guys soon!