Monday, March 15, 2010

Lylli's 'boy' friend

Lylli came into the kitchen one day last week with her jeans and boots on. She rubs her hands up and down the sides of her jeans and says, "I think Josh likes me." (Josh is a boy in her class.)
"Why do you think that?" I say, trying to figure out why my daughter who likes to wrestle with boys is suddenly interested in what they think of her.
"He says I look cute in these jeans and boots." She smiled.
Then she proceeded to make her lunch.
A little bit later in the car...
Lylli was talking about her friends and was talking about Josh AGAIN. Apparently they are in the advanced classes together.
"I never know what to say around him, Mom. He makes me kind of scared."
"Well, not really scared..."
"Nervous and fluttery?"
"Is he cute?"
Finally, I couldn't help but ask, "Do you like Josh?"
Her shy smile is one I've NEVER seen before. "I think so," she said and giggled.

And begins! Lylli has always liked boys to play with and because they're fun! Now, I think we're are looking beyond that. Shane is terrified!


Michelle said...

Oh man! Too cute. But I guess you do forget how young those first crushes start. I think my first was in 1st grade.

Bev said...

Lylli is SOOOO Cute that I think this is just the beginning! Keep the lines of communication open. That's the best way to help her through the next 15 years!

THE BOWMAN'S said...

Wow, does it have to start when they're so young? Lylli is beautiful and so sweet, watch out!