Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March MADness!

As most of you know, Lylli just got done with gymnastics and Layla has started soccer! (Videos take forever to load here, so look on my facebook page for videos!) She has been LOVING it!
She's the only girl on her team but has lots of fun! She does have a difficult time "stearing" the ball. (Her words, not mine!)
Last weekend, our ward had the annual pinewood derby. The cubs did their thing first and then the ward did theirs. There were quite a few cars and everyone had a great time! Shane raced and I took LOTS of pictures for our ward blog!
We all know how competitive Shane is at these sorts of things. Well, he didn't like what he did to his first car, so he bought a second one. He also went to the store and bought the stuff to make a 'practice' track. He did enough research to build it and then used it to determine where to put his weights, etc.! He also had a couple guys in the ward come over and practice too! He had a great time and ended up getting 4th place! He also won an award for the most memorable car! (He colored it with a sharpie marker!)

Shane's car is the one on the left!

The girls at the pinewood derby showing me their frosting faces!

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