Friday, February 27, 2009

Dinomite Program

On Monday, Layla had her Dinomite program at preschool!! She had a great time and is always my best little singer! However, when there are so many people, she's always quite curious as to what's going on and forgets to sing!
Here she is with her little part. The 4-year-olds had speaking parts and the 3-year-olds had prop parts. Here she is with her toothbrush and the dinosaur. The song goes that a regular toothbrush couldn't brush his teeth, so 'he'd have to use a tree.' She had a great time. Normally she has such a big smile, so this must be the in-between smiling.
Oh, and here she is using the toothbrush! (She loved this part!)
Shane was taking pictures (obviously) and no doubt thought this picture was hilarious. That's the only reason it's on here. If I didn't allow a couple awful ones of me, I'd never get a picture of him on here! So anyway... Here I am, officially leading the music. Aren't I so cute!! (And I want no comments about this picture!)
Shane was having a terrible time getting any pictures of Layla. She kept moving, or the kids in front of her would move at the very second the picture snapped. So here's Layla after the program in her dinosaur hat! And yes, she even wears this around!
So, Layla had her program on Monday, I did another one on Tuesday for the T-TH kids and now I'm done until May! Hahaha! Actually, now I just get to go back to teaching all the songs they'll need to know in May! And, this afternoon, I should be getting my manuscript back to look over a final time before the publisher sends it in to the printers. So, I hope you don't expect a post next week. But who knows. We'll see!! Have a great weekend!


Amy said...

Okay I will definitely NOT comment on how happy you look to be leading and how hard you are concentrating to lead that great program. I'm only NOT commenting because you ask us not to. Otherwise I would tell you how great I think you are for taking this on and how if I were in that picture, I'd have less hair, it would be gray, I would be crying with nerves and the kids would be running amok. But I would never do that to you.

The other pictures (because I can't comment on yours) are very cute. And I can't wait to read your book!

Dean Lorimer said...

Looks like fun. Looks like Layla was the star of the show. I would know; I'm impartial.

Linds said...

I love that you finally got one of her smiling! :) oh and those Valentines cookies look great! :)