Saturday, February 7, 2009

Five Years... Any Changes?

I know I just posted yesterday, but a friend sent me this picture and I thought it was funny! This was our family 5 years ago!! Shane, me, and Lylli. Doesn't she kind of have the innocent look Seryn sometimes has? And look at Shane's hair!!! I think we both have red hair here. But Shane looks like a little kid! I'm glad he's put on some weight! Of course, I look exactly the same. And I think I've looked like that since I was 14!!!!!! Too bad it won't last!
Pictures to compare!


Dean Lorimer said...

Wow, Shane looks like a rag doll! Haha, that is absolutely priceless. That was sure a long time ago. I think we have all changed quite a bit since then.

Michelle said...

My favorite part is Shane's hair! Great picture.

Linds said...

Great Pictures! Yeah I remember shane's hair like that. :)

I especially love Layla and her posses with her tie dye. My girls always want to get into the picture too.