Friday, February 13, 2009

The Important Parties

Today, we had Valentine's parties at school. We started off with Layla's party. It was ALL morning! They had six stations they got to do and she had a great time. There's a little girl in her class, Bailey, who Layla simply adores and I don't think the two were separated all day!
Layla and Bailey. Aren't they so cute?
Layla and Bailey coloring on the table with shaving cream. They thought this was a blast!
Here, the girls are trying to do the Valentine's Dance. Does anyone remember doing this with Mrs. Mac? I didn't but Janet Despain said she learned it from her.
Layla eating her snacks!!
Then, Lylli had her party this afternoon. She had centers too and had a great time! It was a busy day, but the girls had fun and got WAY TOO MUCH candy!!! What happened to simply cards?
Lylli doing one of her crafts. Such a silly face!
Lylli diligently working on her craft while Layla (you can only see her bottom) is checking out all the Valentine boxes on the counter.
Decorating cupcakes was Lylli's last center and the mom in charge let Layla do one too. This is Lylli looking on as Layla dumps out the remaining of the blue sugar on her cupcake. And yes, she ate all the frosting and toppings!!
Thanks Mom for watching Seryn so the day was simpler!! That was a HUGE help.

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Linds said...

I do remember some fun valentines parties in school, especially sharing valentines, but I don't remember Mrs. Macs Valentines dance, but I'm sure it was great!