Friday, February 6, 2009


On Wednesday, Layla did tie-dyeing for school. I'm not real sure how they did it. The teacher tied several cups around the shirt, they colored it with markers (you can see her name written across the middle in red) and then Layla said they sprayed "water" on it. It sounds quite a bit different from any tie-dyeing I've ever done, but she had a great time. And it sounds like a lot smaller mess! (After all, they were all 3 or 4.) And then today, they all wore them to class. Layla loves her shirt and is such a little ham. Of course, this is only a portion of the pictures we took. She wanted them all up, but I limited her.

And this is Seryn's reaction to Layla getting all the pictures. So sad!


Bobbi said...

That is so cute--I love that she wanted you to post more of her!! Now whenever we do something fun, Jane wants me to blog about it! Oh what have we all done!?!?!

Dean Lorimer said...

Wow, those are a lot cooler designs than we used to get in chemistry! What is the secret? (We've thought about doing Tie-Dye for FHE.)

The Martinez Fam said...

What cute pictures of Layla!! She's such a doll. I'm sorry that you're feeling so stressed. Selling a house is SO stressful. It about did me in when we sold our house in Casper. It seemed like I would keep our house immaculate for days and then I would be worn out and let it go for a day and that's when someone would show up to look at it. Good luck with all of that. You guys have made that house really nice, so I'm sure it will sell!!:)