Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fat Lips & Water fun

Life has been going well here in Provo. Lylli is still reading Harry Potter. She's on book four and loving it. She had to take a break for a couple weeks because we were so busy, but she read the other three in two weeks. Layla is being social and made several new friends at church today. And Seryn is trying to keep up with her sisters.
Today was our first day in our new ward. We are in the Grandview 8th ward. It is strange being in a new area with new people. Everyone seems so different, but maybe we're the ones who are different. But people seem nice. The girls will get to participate in another primary program on the 25th. Our last Sunday in Casper, they did the one in our ward and will get to do one here too! We also will get to go Trunk or Treating, and they have a ward temple night once a month too, which will be neat. Everything seems to be within 2 miles of our house (except Walmart, which is 3.7 miles.) The temple is just up the street a few blocks! We are beginning to enjoy it here, though we don't know many people yet. Shane is still looking for a job and has a few leads, so we hope he'll have something soon.
So per my sister's request, here's a picture of the outside of our house. It's a twin home and we only own the one side (for now.) The otherside is going into foreclosure and Shane would really like to buy it and rent it out. We'll see.

Here's a picture of Layla's fat lip. She was playing outside one day and biffed it! Her lip was pretty fat for a couple days.

The first two days we were in Provo, it rained. (It snowed in SLC, so I'm grateful for the rain.) Every day since it has been 55 - 65 degrees. It's been so nice!
Here's Seryn in the rain. She's finally starting to get over her fear of the rain. However, there was no thunder and as long as she had an umbrella, she was just fine. She even took off her shoes and socks!

Lylli and Layla were taking turns playing under the eave of the house where the water was dripping!

They had so much fun!

All in all, we're doing well. The unpacking is nearly done and I will probably begin painting this week! We'll see how that goes.
*Lylli is sitting next to me editing as I type and volunteering various information (such as the title.)


Amy said...

I'm glad you are enjoying Provo. I can't believe that Lylli is reading Harry Potter. Abby wants to read it, but I'm too cheap to buy it new. I've been looking for used on Craigslist. I'll have to tell her about Lylli's reading, maybe it will motivate her! And Iris loves to watch the rain, but she hates being in it without an umbrella!

Michelle said...

Provo sounds warm. Are you in a student ward, or a regular ward? We love being close to the temple. It is wonderful. I like to get up really early and do an hour of initiatory work before Mike is gone for the day. They make it so easy now to just drop by whenever and do whatever you have time for. It is great for me. Hopefully you all make some good friends there soon, because that always helps when moving somewhere new. Tell Lylli Harry Potter is still one of my favorite book series!