Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shane's Newest Addition to the House!


Okay, now tell me. Are you surprised by this revelation at all?

Now to fair I told him that if we moved away from home I would spend several thousand dollars and buy him a nice set of tools so that he could do the work on our cars. Because honestly, it would drive him nuts to pay someone else to do it. And it will probably save us thousands in the long run too!

So before he left for his last week in Casper, he shopped around and bought the things he needed. The really good thing is that he was thrifty and got everything for less than what I was expecting!

Of course, we can't have these fun toys ... excuse me, tools, without a reason to use them! He told me what exactly was wrong with his Toyota, but it was working fine when he left the house in it! I think he just needed to see how his new tools really worked.
The really funny thing is that he had a smile on his face nearly the entire time he was working on the truck!
I love you, Handsome!

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