Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Right of Passage

For the last several years, I've made it tradition to make Carmel Apples every October. I think of it as a right of passage. Every kid should get to do it at some point in their childhood. (If not every year!) The girls had so much fun but I forgot to take pictures of them making them. But I got them eating them!
Layla threw a fit when I told her she had to write her own name on her paper because she didn't know how to make her letters. I asked her if she knew how to write an 'L', which she did. When I asked her to write an 'A' her eyes lit up as though maybe she could do this after all. Then came the 'Y' and she grew real excited because she knew another 'L' and 'A' came after that. She was so thrilled that she really could actually do it! Great job, Layla!
We couldn't do camel apples last night because the girls were so grumpy and tired. So I told them after school that their rooms and the toy room had to be cleaned first. That worked brilliantly!
After we put the apples in the oven, I told them they had to take a quick bath before they could eat them. Let me tell you, that will get a girl to hurry in the bathroom!!!
Unfortunately I'm not the smartest mom on the block because I continually give my children baths and then feed them sticky snacks before bed. *sigh* Oh well. They can have another bath in a couple days. I'm sure they'll need it!

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Michelle said...

Yummy apples and shiny new tools! Looks like smiles on all of your family's faces! We haven't done apples yet, and at this rate probably won't, but they are yummy. Maybe some other time for FHE...